What is a bespoke wedding dress?

It’s time to search and purchase the most important dress you will ever wear, you may be wondering what is the difference between off the rack, bespoke wedding dress or a made to measure gown. We are here to help you through this process with important key points, so when you say yes to the dress you can say it with confidence.

This is the main service we offer at here at Thingsiadore-bridal:

A bespoke or ‘one of a kind’ wedding dress is where a dress if designed with your specific requirements. The benefits are you work directly with the designer. The designer will present sketches and fabrics to you and book number of fitting appointments to ensure your dress fits to your exact measurements.

When choosing a bespoke dress there are factors you must have in mind:

•You have total freedom to choose your own styles and high-quality fabrics that will permit your dress to be totally unique to you.

•Having a bespoke wedding dress is time consuming and the most expensive option.

•Lead times are usually longer and you will need to be available for at least 2-4 fittings.

•This is the perfect option for a bride to be who knows exactly what she wants but is unlikely to find it in an ordinary bridal store.

Made to measure wedding dress

If you was to have your dress made to measure, this is a style that you would choose from a designer’s collection and the gown will be cut and fit to your requirements. When choosing this option you can also make slight changes. When choosing a made to measure dress there are factors you must have

in mind:

•The lead time tends to be shorter depending on how busy the atelier is.

•Alterations are rarely needed as the fit of the dress is checked during fitting appointments.

•Designer ateliers are often small independent businesses, so your dress is likely to be very unique.

Made to order wedding dress

Made to order wedding dresses are a very popular option for a lot of bridal boutiques.

They stock wedding dresses from a variety of designers and hold a sample range for you to try on. When you say yes to the dress your measurements will be taken and ordered in standard sizing.

When choosing a made to order wedding dress there are factors you must have in mind:

•The dress is not made specifically for you and alterations will need to be carried out.

•Alterations are usually an additionally fee.

•Lead times are usually longer and you will be dealing with an ‘agent’ rather than the designer.

•You are limited to changing any details on the gown but can often view a wide range of dresses from that the designer.

Off the rack/ Off the peg wedding dress

The process for off the rack is easy and time efficient. You would select a dress in a shop and take that actual dress away with you when you purchase it. The dresses have been made by production so alterations will be required. Off the peg or ready to wear dresses are likely to have been made in large quantities, so you may see your dress on lots of other brides too.

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