Sun, sea, and 'I do?' Who wouldn’t want a picturesque way of marking their beautiful day in an exotic setting? But of course, anyone who has even attempted to throw a party in their own home will know that it's sadly not a walk in the park.

However, the couple sets the rule on what they want on their big day, right? So don’t despair if the thought entered your mind on the possibility of it being too far-fetched. No such thing. As they say: "good luck is good planning", and that's what we're here for.


* Guaranteed sunny climate (when opted accordingly)

* Cost effective due to the small guest list

* A scenic location for you and guests in somewhere which in all probability costs the same (or more) in your home town.

* Depending on the destination, the budget in food and drinks are usually low-priced for tourists.

Read on my love bug jetsetters, on how to plan the most hassle-free wedding abroad:

1) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: This advice has been passed to women of all ages on every areas of her life. And it certainly applies here. Don’t fret on getting every detail right. Or if that's inevitable in your nature (e.g. Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S), then make a mental note to leave that for later. For now, gather inspirations. Make a scrapbook or save images from of anything that catches your gaze, big or small.

2) GUESTLIST: Being realistic, a wedding abroad probably won’t be met by a high number of RSVPs. You'll probably already have predicted the 'Oh man, I would *love* to! But....". However, do not despair! As the key to have who you most definitely want as a guest; is notice.Something your petite guest list will look forward to even if it is 2 years in advance, believe me. If you're someone who’s worried that a few may take offence for not getting an invite or wishes to have *everyone* to celebrate with - then a good idea may be to organise a get-together after you come home. Or if you haven’t had an engagement party yet, then there's the chance.

3) BOOKING THE PLACE: Super news! Now you need not a Jennifer Lopez type of persona from 'The Wedding Planner' to help out, as there are 'Weddings Abroad Specialists', where everything you need to be the future Mr & Mrs, is just a click away. In the UK: have been rated very highly in its wedding package service. It may just be a click away from your happiest getaway.


A wedding package abroad may be an issue of tricky financial plans for some couples and/or guests. In this instance, the cut-price option will be to hire a wedding planner. A TOP TIP is to book with a planner who is a local from the city you're looking to get wed in. Or someone familiar with the country and can speak the native language. This way, they are resourceful whilst negotiating shortcuts in venue, food/drink, and accommodation bookings.

4) LEGALWORK - Perhaps the one downside to a foreign wedding is the obstacles you will have to overcome to make sure the country you choose to get married in, will be valid (for UK residents). Head down to your Citizens Advice Bureau branch or log on to: for all information you will need to sort through the applicable documents.

5) TROUBLESHOOTING – As your mother always said, prepare for emergencies (well my mother always did!). Just like any holiday you would go on, protect yourself from unfortunate circumstances such as illnesses whilst away, lost baggage, flights delays and so forth .

Here to hoping that there will be no such thing, however! *knock on wood*

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