Questions to ask your bridal consultant before committing to the dress

Now you are ready to book your bridal appointment. Here are some questions our bridal consultants say are a MUST ASK in order to get your dream dress with no complications

Do I have enough time to order/ tailor my dress

This is a very important question and brides should be very aware of how their wedding date could affect their shopping experience. You always need to factor in how long it takes to tailor the gown along with any alterations that may be needed. If you are shopping close to the date of your wedding, you may be limited to samples. It’s always good to have this conversation first.

Can my dress be customised?

Don’t be afraid to ask if you can change a gown’s construction. At ThingsAdore-bridal our gowns are 100% customisable and we are open to our bride’s requirements. Don’t hesitate to enquire about specific changes that will suit your individual taste. Always let your consultant know, it will help point them in the right direction. In some cases you may be describing a gown they actually have in the boutique which is perfect for you.

Can I purchase the sample?

If you are on a small budget and have an open mind, a sample gown could be a great deal. Sample gowns are usually heavily discounted due to wear and tear and may not come in your exact size. We recommend committing if the sample is in good shape and fits you within three sizes, it's worth exploring this as an option.

How many fittings will I have?

Made to measure or custom gowns usually take 2-4 rounds of alterations. It’s very important to ask the boutique you purchased the dress from if they offer an in house alteration service. If you’re planning on losing weight always tell your consultant so alterations to your dress can start at a later. Always plan your fitting 3-4 weeks before your wedding for the most accurate fit.

Will my dress be steamed on collection?

It’s probably the last thing you will take in to account but you don’t want to walk down the aisle in a wrinkled gown. At ThingsIAdore-bridal this is a service we offer with all our gowns or you can always make sure you bring a steamer with you on the day or ask the venue if they can supply you with one.

How do I put on my gown?

This may sound like an obvious question, but some dresses have a hidden zipper, corset. You always want to ask how to put this together before the wedding day to save time. We always advise to bring a friend/bridesmaid with you during the fittings to take note.

At ThingsIAdore-bridal we also offer on the day service when we will re- steam the gown and put it on you correctly on the day.

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