A signature style is a personal style. It is something that makes the style yours. It is the final touches on your overall look and at the same time, the starting point of any look. With the ever-changing bridal trends in fashion and style, it can be a challenge to find your signature style. That is why we are here to help!

Even though a signature style should come naturally, here are a few tips to bring you closer to finding it:


Before you can settle on a signature style, you must try out different styles. Don’t be afraid to try new looks. Be open-minded to suggestions and confident knowing that at the end of the day it is your decision to decide what you like or don’t like.

Trust your instinct

Ever tried on a dress and felt it was just right or that it was ‘the one’? When you’ve found your signature style. Eery outfit should be like that or come close to it. That is when you know you’ve found the one.

Dress for your body

The secret to that feeling is wearing what you’re comfortable in: something that fits your body. That means something that hugs your curves or shows off your slim physique, whatever highlights your best features.

Wear the dress

Don’t let the dress wear you. This goes with the previous tip. Own what you’re wearing and believe you looking Amazing, and the world will too.

Give it time

Be patient. Good things take time. Sometimes you won’t be sure right away and that’s okay. It’s okay to sleep on a dress and allow it time to grow on you. If it’s something you like right away, then it will stand the test of time to prove it is the right one.

Always be you

You can listen to advice and suggestions. However remember it is you who is wearing the dress. Do not let anyone tell you what to wear. You should feel like your dress compliments your personality as though it’s a second-skin. The dress has to be so you!

Seek out a bridal consultant

If you are seeking advice on your wedding style then consulting a professional is a useful step. Not only will they give you expert advice but give you an opportunity to develop your existing style/ideas further. With a bespoke dressmaker, you can discover your signature style.

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