Most of the time, whenever there is an invite is handed out to a multi-faith wedding, the guest are very excited at the prospect of experiencing a new culture. However, I remembered a joke from a stand-up comedian which also sums up the likelihood of what could happen at mixed-ethnic weddings. She said: I love seeing white people at Indian weddings. They’re always like, ‘oh my gawd what an amazing cultural experience. The colours are all so beautiful. Then 3 hours later, they’re like ‘oh my gosh, when is this going to end!?’

We can joke about cultural references, but if you are wary on whether or not the different cultures will collide well together for the big day; then here are 3 top suggestions to remember before organising the wedding.


If you have just been recently engagement and have not thrown a festivity for it, then perhaps it would be a good idea to divide the traditions in two different celebrations. Your ethnicity in the engagement party and your partner's customs for the wedding (or vice versa). This way, you're able to fully focus and adhere to all the cultures traditions involved; as opposed to integrating it all on one day.


There's no written rule that you must have the *entire* wedding the way your culture celebrates it. We are part of a modern and open-minded society, and it’s also important to showcase your own personas. So if don’t desire to throw all your effort into the full shebang of an ethnic wedding, then why not just bring out elements of what you admire. This is where you can make the food and decor truly memorable for everyone, by giving it a touch of home.


You'd be surprised at the similarities that poles apart religions or ethnicities share. For example, Mehndi Nights for female guests is not only a practice in the Indian culture.; but also in the African, and the Middle East. So find that parallel in both yours and your partner’s background and make a big gala. If anything, dancing is significant in almost any culture society - so make sure the dancefloor will be filled with the most varied playlist! And perhaps hire a professional dancer to teach guests on how to move to the different beats : )

HOT TIP: As peculiar as it may sound; consider having a ‘show and tell’ host at the wedding. I witnessed a marriage officiator at a Chinese wedding (in the UK) who wore a small microphone and explained the marriage rituals to all guests….as it was happening. This type of engagement would really unite your guests and make them truly feel a part of your marriage.

But as always, remember that it is yours and your partner's day - and both of you are the stars of it.

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