Our bespoke dressmaking service is created specifically for you. Tailored to your exact shape and form and designed completely as you have dreamed it to be. The most important part of the process is to keep you happy and have  your ideas for your dress as our top priority.

Each bespoke dress is very specific in fabric and design. All our gowns are made with the best fabric and have a fine finish. We pride ourselves on keeping our standards extremely high and offering the best service to our brides.

At your first consultation we encourage you share your inspirations, silhouettes, fabrics, embellishments.The cost for your bridal gown will also be discussed. We will invite you back for another consultation to view your sketch and take your measurements. This will help you to visualize your dress. The third appointment will be to try on your finished gown.


If you would like a quote for our bespoke service, please send us an email at or you can book an appointment with us: Click here Please note all deposits are non-refundable when paid.

Wedding dress sketches
Bespoke wedding dresses

                                                                           THE EXPERIENCE

Shopping for your Wedding dress should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience and one of the best moments when planning a wedding. At ThingsIAdore-Bridal we ensure all our brides will feel special the instant they step through our doors.
Our gowns are as individual as you are! ThingsIAdore-Bridal offers a modern take on traditional dresses. We find that our customers are seeking something different but still want to remain comfortable and sexy on their big day.
We pride ourselves on doing things differently. We strongly believe that your wedding day should reflect your personality and that your wedding dress should make you feel amazing, confident, and very special. That’s why at ThingsIAdore-bridal you will find our wedding dresses are different, beautifully hand-crafted, vintage-y, sexy, glamorous and fun...just like you!

                                                                               OUR SERVICE 

We offer an online bespoke service


Firstly we would have a detailed discussion via phone or skype and we will iron out all the important elements of your gown. This service is popular with customers who live outside of Accra or Ghana. Your gowns are delivered to your chosen address. We offer full support and have clear guidelines if you want to measure yourself for your gown.





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