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Meet our bride Anoop, she is such a lovely person. On our first meeting with Anoop,she was very clear on what elements she wanted on her bespoke gown, for example an over-beaded gown with a figure hugging fit

We also played with the idea of having a high slit in the gown and having champagne colour . In the end Anoop choose a eye catching backless design with beaded embellished dress which consist of pearls and crystals and the colour of the gown to be ivory.

As the dress was going to be completed beaded we wanted to give the dress character by add a sheer strap that travelled along the back and a beaded belt.

We are sure Anoop and Rob had an amazing day and truly hope that the dress we made for her added to the fun of everything that she created too!


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Too Cool for Shoes

The go-to shoes you think of when you think wedding are heels. However, it is 2017 and at ThingsIAdore-Bridal we believe a bride should be who she wants and wear what she wants. So that means there is no need to squeeze your toes into uncomfortable high heels if you would rather rock a pair of sneakers.

Hence we’ve done some searching and found the top 5 inspirational shoe-looks for your big day.

Comfy Converse

Nothing is more classic and comfy than an old pair of Converse. You can never go wrong with white as a bride, making white Converse a perfect option (although if you’re a more daring bride, you could try out the various colours Converse has to offer: pink, red, blue, yellow, or even black).

Furthermore, to add a more bridal look to your not-so-conventional bridal look, you can lace your shoes with ribbons instead of boring shoe-laces.

Matching Shoes

Nothing is cuter than a couple that dresses alike, right? By ditching the heels, and choosing sneakers, this means your groom can wear matching shoes. If you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy, then have your groom where the opposite colour from you (like yin and yang).

Tip: another way to make your sneakers more ‘bridal’ is to pair them with some frilly socks (like the ones you used to wear as a kid). We say: super cute!

Heeled Sneakers

Still want to keep your heels but not sacrifice comfort? Heel sneakers may be the perfect-match for you. Perhaps not as easy to find in-stores as normal sneakers, you will have to get these made. However, that just means you get to design your own shoes(!) picking the colour, material and lace/ribbon that goes on them.

Ballet Flats

This one may seem a less adventurous option but is still often overlooked. Still providing you with comfort, you still get to wear more conventional bridal shoes. White and lace flats are the perfect, safe option however who says you can’t experiment with brighter colours too?

No Shoes

If no shoe makes the perfect cut, then why not go barefoot? This can be a totally quirky decision to make but we guarantee, a comfortable one. This can work great for outdoor weddings on the beach or grass areas (just watch your steps). If you still want to have some decoration on your feet, you can wear lace or pearl/beaded anklets.

You might’ve heard that shoes can make or break an outfit, this also applies to your wedding dress. So don’t forget that, as important as your wedding dress is, you should not settle for less than perfect shoes and to pick shoes that represent the bride you are. Even if it’s a pair of ribboned Converse.

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There are many bridal designers around these days. However a more traditional yet modern concept is a wedding dress maker. We do not pride ourselves in just being designers but makers of bridal dresses.


At ThingIAdore-Bridal we offer a bespoke bridal service. Bespoke means made to order, in other words: tailor made. This means you get to design your dream dress every step of the way: from choosing the silhouette, colour, and fabric, to adding the finishing touches (such as a bridal belt). With a little help from us, you are able to create your own wedding dress!


If you’re a bride who is looking for something different, something new, and something just perfect for you, then bespoke bridal gowns are made just for you.

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How to keep it Cool for a Summer Wedding


When we think of summertime, we think of a time to have fun in the sun! making it many people’s, and brides’, favourite time of the year. For some brides, it might also be the perfect time for a wedding! But the heat is something that many of us can’t stand. 


If you’re the kind of bride who loves the summer breeze but can’t stand the heat then keep reading… 


Don’t look like a hot mess


Liquid makeup is something to avoid in this heat. You don’t want your makeup running down your face nor do you want to be making constant trips to the ladies. Stick to powder-based makeup or invest in a makeup artist who can airbrush your makeup on for you, to keep your face on.


Don’t forget: Sunscreen 


Growing up, we’re constantly told by our mothers (or fathers) to put on sunscreen. This still applies when you’re all grown up and a bride. Looking like a lobster is not a trendy bridal look. So put on a good amount of sunscreen and keep your skin glowing.


Water (or cocktail) on standby


With the wedding excitement, it can be easy to forget to eat or drink. You should be keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day/night. On the plus side, having something cool at hand can also keep you cool. Like a warm hot chocolate can warm you up on a winter’s day, a cold drink can cool you down.


Throw some shade


Shades (as in, sunglasses) are cool for a cool wedding. Even if you’re a bride, who says you can’t throw on some shades? Although perhaps same them for after the main ceremony…  


Also consider tents/umbrellas. These will provide shelter from the sun but also in case it rains (you never know considering the British weather!). Natural shade from trees is also a good option. 


Don’t burn your bums


Consider yours and your guests’ seating. Avoid metal chairs as these heat up fast! If you do have metal chairs, cover them with fabric or cushions. Another alternative are wooden seats. 


Location is key 


Summer weddings can be held on the beach, in a flower garden, vineyard, church, ballroom etc. Have you consider it being an indoor/outdoor wedding? You can have

the best of both worlds! Look for a location that lets you and your guests move between the two (idea: a ballroom that connects to an outdoor garden). 


Dress for the occasion


Dress for the heat. If you know that you’re going to be having your wedding on a sandy beach then perhaps a one hundred layer, long train gown is not the way to go. Wear something breezy and light to suit your surroundings. 


You should also let your dressmaker know of the special location you have in mind so they can help design something that’ll keep you cool on the big day.


Whether you’re the bride or a wedding guest, follow these cool tips to keep cool this summer! 

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A signature style is a personal style. It is something that makes the style yours. It is the final touches on your overall look and at the same time, the starting point of any look. With the ever-changing bridal trends in fashion and style, it can be a challenge to find your signature style. That is why we are here to help!

Even though a signature style should come naturally, here are a few tips to bring you closer to finding it:


Before you can settle on a signature style, you must try out different styles. Don’t be afraid to try new looks. Be open-minded to suggestions and confident knowing that at the end of the day it is your decision to decide what you like or don’t like.

Trust your instinct

Ever tried on a dress and felt it was just right or that it was ‘the one’? When you’ve found your signature style. Eery outfit should be like that or come close to it. That is when you know you’ve found the one.

Dress for your body

The secret to that feeling is wearing what you’re comfortable in: something that fits your body. That means something that hugs your curves or shows off your slim physique, whatever highlights your best features.

Wear the dress

Don’t let the dress wear you. This goes with the previous tip. Own what you’re wearing and believe you looking Amazing, and the world will too.

Give it time

Be patient. Good things take time. Sometimes you won’t be sure right away and that’s okay. It’s okay to sleep on a dress and allow it time to grow on you. If it’s something you like right away, then it will stand the test of time to prove it is the right one.

Always be you

You can listen to advice and suggestions. However remember it is you who is wearing the dress. Do not let anyone tell you what to wear. You should feel like your dress compliments your personality as though it’s a second-skin. The dress has to be so you!

Seek out a bridal consultant

If you are seeking advice on your wedding style then consulting a professional is a useful step. Not only will they give you expert advice but give you an opportunity to develop your existing style/ideas further. With a bespoke dressmaker, you can discover your signature style.

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